Types Of Scaffolds For The Right Construction Work

There are many types of buildings built in Birmingham. This brings the necessity for Birmingham commercial scaffolding service providers to be flexible in offering their services to any construction work. Due to the unlimited demand for these services, teams are trained and equipped making them able to give scaffolding services to any kind of construction and in a professional way.

The types of scaffolding in the market

- Bricklayer’s scaffolding- the service is used in brick masonry work where it is erected at a distance of less than two meters from the wall of the building. The scaffolding is always along the building wall to enable easy access of the wall.

- Cantilever scaffolding- this is a type of scaffolding generally used in the case, where the ground around the building has no capacity to support any other form and when the ground near the building is in use. In this case, the standards of the scaffoldings do not reach the ground. They are supported from the holes made on the wall of the building.

- Suspended scaffolding-this is where the scaffolding are suspended from the rooftops and therefore they can be easily lowered or raised to any level. They are mostly used for repair and painting.

The Capacity necessities for scaffolds

- Any type of a scaffold must have the capability to hold its own weight and have a much higher strength for holding more than the intended weight it will support.

- A specialist must design the scaffold in accordance to the building it is servicing.

- These scaffolds should not be loaded with a much higher weight that what it is intended to carry.


For Birmingham commercial scaffolding service, the businesses should be in a better position to determine the right scaffolds to use for every construction work they get hired to offer the service.